1590 FM2871 Fort Worth, TX 76126

Youth Track Club

an AP Ranch Initiative

AP Ranch is proud to offer a world-class youth track club for ages 8-18. Coached by three-time NCAA National Champion, Greg Sholars and his team, this club will offer an unprecedented opportunity for talented young athletes to achieve at a level they may have only dreamed of.


Join us for practice and tryouts starting March 13, 2023 at 6:00pm.

The cost will be $200, which covers registration, uniform and meet entries.

Registration is not complete until both steps are completed.

  1. Complete the registration form below. (MUST BE FILLED OUT FOR NEW AND RETURNING ATHLETES)
  2. Make payment at the payment link provided. (MUST BE PAID UPON COMPLETION OF REGISTRATION)

*Scholarships and financial assistance are available*


Practice will be held at 2:00pm on Sunday and at 6:00pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at AP Ranch, 1590 RM 2871 Fort Worth, TX 76126.

Girls Ages 8-18 practice begins at is 6:00pm

Boys Ages 8-18 practice begins at 7:00pm

For any additional questions contact Greg Sholars at 214-538-9086 or greg@apranch.org


*CDC Covid-19 guidelines will be strictly enforced. *



Munchkins are considered any child that is under 7 years old this calendar year.

There is no cost for the munchkins to participate.

Practices will ONLY be held on Sundays at 2:00pm.

Munchkin T-shirts order information will be provided in the parent meeting.

Munchkins will run at designated practice meets; information will be given at the parent meeting.